Thursday, February 20, 2014

Independent Winegrowers Exhibition in Strasbourg

Much adventure is planned for 24 February 2014! We shall be attending the Independent Winegrowers Exhibition in Strasbourg, France. At 11.00 am  we will begin our adventure at 67000 Strasbourg.
Here we will be able to meet with over 560 French Winemakers, many of whom will be from our wine region in Alsace France.

Strasbourg, where we will be going, is the capital and principal city of the Alsace region in eastern France, and the official seat of the European Parliament. She is a lovely city, full culture, mystic, and majesty. She has a lovely airport, and acts as a hub for the surrounding region, of which Alsace in all entirety is a cradle of humanity for many starts in life no matter how long ago.

The Alsace region can trace its wine making days back to Roman times. This is a lovely setting for wine and wine tasting, as I see it as the most storybook like place on earth. Dotted with castles, and half timbered homes, it is picturesque and lovely. The wine rout of Alsace is exceptionally beautiful, romantic, and full of lovely vineyards and 52 Grand Cru locations.

So this Sunday we will start our adventure attending "Salon Des Vins Des Vignerons Independants". With an investment of 6 euros we will receive a INAO tasting glass that has been engraved. We will be able to talk to the winemakers themselves about their history, wine and art. We will be sampling their wines and if we choose to take some home, YES!, we will be given 'farm gate' prices.

From viewing the information available I think it is lovely that the arrangement of the locations of the various wine makers is random. Yes we will have a catalog and be able to visit our favorite producers and see what is new, but also we will be in the mix and meet wonderful winemakers we still do not know.

There also will be stalls available to buy a baguette (sandwich of sorts). Also it is possible to purchase wines, and leave them as you keep tasting and looking around and collect them at the end of the visit via the facilities, by simply backing in your car. Which is very good if you've ever tried to tote much bottles around, you know this is not handy.

Days: 21 - 24 February - location: Wacken Strasbourg, checkout their website

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