Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Emotion in wine tasting?

In wine tastings reports you can read things like (for example): "Lots of freshness, fruit, black berries, a hint of leather and tobacco" And then it gets (again for example): 93 points.
I often wonder ... but did you LIKE the wine? And WHY? Did the wine touched you emotionally? Did the winemaker made himself clear to you, thru his wine? Did he or she communicated with you? And did you have somehing to eat with it? And ... who else was present? Your beautiful wife wearing her silver earrings?

It makes me think about how is written about hifi music systems over the years. Especially in the past, you could read reports like: "it had a lot of base and it played the silent parts without much hiss., logical a modern transistor design with 2 times XX watts and 0,0003% distortion ...." Followed by some more measurement results.

But then there were journalists that went one step further and did try to write about that something extra: "emotion and communication" ...Forget the Watts, did the system touch you? Did you feel and understood what the conductor and/or composer wanted to communicate to you? .....

"You can hear every nuance and inflection of every instrument; the dynamic range is unparalleled and the time-machine sensation of being present at the original performance is staggering—the performance, driven and I mean driven by Reiner's conducting as a man possessed is utterly electrifying. One of the most astonishing recordings the Hand Of Man has ever produced." .... (Rimsky-Korsakov, Scheherazade [RCA LSC-2446])

How would it be if we introduced a little more "emotion" in our wine tastings and see if we understand what the wine maker and his/her terroir is telling us?

This is why JoliSoleil - JSwinetours states: "" Wine is like jazz: I can analyze song structure and such, but I'd rather enjoy the music".
What do you think? #jolisoleil

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Impressions of a lovely May tour in Tuscany

On our May tour in Tuscany we visited some great wineries in the Chianti region like. Gagliole, Castellare and Ricasoli. 

We had some wonderful lunches and dinners in Siena and near Montalcino.

Around Montalcino we visited Altesino and Banfi, among others.

In a tasting sesssion we compared these 3 Brunello's:

Life can be good. We cannot wait to go back :).
Join us next time?

Ciao from Terry & Pieter

Riesling Vertical Tasting 1970 Vintage

It is not everyday a person is able to taste one wine that is 44 years old, and we were able to taste twelve bottles of Riesling of this vintage at one sitting! What fun! I will do my best to describe this for you.

The event took place at the castle of Kientzheim, home of the "Confrerie Saint Etienne".

The tasting was conducted starting from the South of Alsace to the North. All of the grapes were harvested in October 1970.

At this point in time "Grand Cru" did not exist yet in Alsace. Some producers did use this term already on their label though.  Another point of interest is that some "full" bottles contained 70 cl and not 75 cl as today.
All of the bottles had a cork change in 1994.

1. Clos St Lanselin: Beautiful golden color, floral to the nose, slightly acid. Amazingly this wine can still be kept longer, as it smells and tastes young. Flavor and aroma open up more in the glass, seems to be alfalfa. May still keep longer.

2. Grand Reserve Cave cooperative Westhalten. Beautiful golden amber color. Finer and more complex. On the nose a bit of honey. Balanced acidity. This one is at its end, drink it now, it will not get any better.

3. Leon Beyer Equisheim. Golden amber in color. On the nose the scent of nutmeg, and with tasting, spicy, pepper and nutmeg. Drink now.

4. Joseph Schafar Winzenheim. Golden amber color. On the nose black licorice and caramel. Shorter, less complex, lost its power a bit. Drink now.

5. De La Bourse Colmar. Light yellow in color. On the nose almond and muscat. Fresh, good acidity, lemon citrus fruit. Can keep another 5 to 10 years! Amazing.

6. Pierre Sparr Altenburg. Amber color. Tired, acidity on the end. Falls apart. Drinkable but hurry up.

7. Sick P Dryer Ammerschwihr. Light yellow. On the nose vegetable. High acidity, nice structure. Rhubarb, light sugar, light minerals specifically granite. Very clean. May keep a bit longer.

8. Preiss Hemny Mittelwihr, Mandelberg. Yellow amber in color. Not too alive anymore, nose is gone, flavor flat. Drink now.

9. Ed Rentz-Ray Zellenberg. Dark yellow color. Nose cassis fruit. Mild acidity. Drink now.

10. Gustave Lorentz - Bergheim. Orange golden color. Nose fruity. Classic attack, fresh, round short on the end with a bit of acidity. A bit more sweet, like a vendange tardive. Drink now.

11. Riesling coming from Barr. Amber in color. Nose mostly gone. Tired, low acid, short. Drink now.

12. Riesling coming from Obernai. Color yellow gold. On the nose petrol and white flowers. Round, and bites on the tongue, carbon dioxide, cold fermentation. Drink now.

My conclusion : Riesling IS the king of age in Alsace.

Cheers from Terry!

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