Friday, March 15, 2013

Terry's Book Review - The Wine Etiquette Guide

Wine is consumed in many contexts. The appropriate etiquette may vary according to the situation. The Wine Etiquette Guide has considered the possibilities.

Readers will feel comfortable in any wine setting, from a formal dinner function to a casual wine tasting at a winery, after learning about wine etiquette. There is even a section explaining kosher wines and etiquette.

The pleasures of wine are visual, olfactory, and gustatory. The Wine Etiquette Guide explains the modern conventions for the enjoyment of the multitude of wine styles available to today's consumers.

In truth, these behaviors are the result of an evolution through thousands of years of experience. All aspects of wine etiquette have been explained. From the selection of a suitable wine, removal of the stopper, serving temperature, and glass shape and size.

Author, Chuck Blethen, is an engineer, salesman, businessman, inventor, entrepreneur, author, and lecturer. He has 40 years' experience traveling and drinking wines. He is currently the Executive Director, of the Southern Appalachian Viticulture Institute & President of North Caroline Natural Products Association.

He has made 100's of professional sales presentations to executives in many of the Fortune 500 companies. He has been a guest lecturer at various colleges and universities over the years. He has traveled in 68 countries and speaks four languages. His hobby - and passion - has always been wine making.

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