French Farmhouse Cookbook

This book is part of our home library and is an excellent work exploring the agricultural practices of the French countryside and cooking practices from real farm house kitchens in France.

Susan Loomis is an American writer who is passionate about authentic French cooking and the agrarian practices of  traditional French farming. She explores this subject from real life experiences in the local French farmhouse kitchens.

The recipes here have been handed down from generation to generation and are captured in this book for the first time.
In addition to having over 250 recipes it also takes a look at preserving the small farm traditions, the flavors produced from the rich soil and traditional farming practices of the small farm.

She touches with heart the idea of sustainability for the future and preservation of traditional farming, and what will be lost if corporate farming takes complete control of these precious farms.

More than just another cookbook this is a work preserving the heritage of the French countryside that is so rich in tradition and full of flavor that only a small farm can produce.

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