Monday, February 11, 2013

Terry's Book Review - Healing Spices

Breakthrough scientific research is finding that spices are loaded with antioxidants and other unique health-enhancing compounds.

Studies of dietary patterns around the world confirm that spice-consuming populations have the lowest incidence of such life-threatening illnesses as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's.

Bharat B. Aggarwal, the world's foremost expert on the therapeutic use of culinary spices, takes an in-depth look at 50 different spices and their curative qualities, and offers spice “prescriptions” categorized by health conditions to match the right spice to a specific ailment.

Healing Spices 
By Bharat B. Aggarwal, Ph. D.

Food contains the building blocks of the body. The quality of what you feed your body represents the quality you can expect to see and feel with your body. Consuming chemicals in processed foods result in mutations to the individual cells of the body. When these mutated cells divide to reproduce themselves, all they can do is reproduce the state they are in. 

You have beautiful genes, a perfect plan designed in your DNA. If the materials you supply to your cells to maintain their health and vitality are inferior, your cells breakdown and copy the mutations or mistakes. 

What happens with cancer and aging is cell mutation. The cell cannot rebuild according to the original DNA plan, because the cell has suffered a mutation, or damage that is copied to new cells. If good materials are not available to the cell to maintain health, it cannot reproduce its perfect form. Rather the cell will build inferior copies of the original cell by coping the damage done to the original cell into the new cells that came from the damaged cell. Thus the cell is degraded and not able to be at all it was meant to be. 

In addition to adding great flavor and variety to your food, spices are also natural medicines. Using a variety of spices in your food adds flavor to your palate, and more importantly materials that your body can use to rebuild each cell in your body the way it was meant to be.  

In the simplest terms if you build your body with faulty materials, no matter how brilliant the blueprint of your original DNA is, your body will not be able to maintain cell health and will eventually fail. In contrast, if you build your body with quality materials, it will repay you with showing the wonder of your best self that took generations to develop.

You have the blueprints in your DNA to be a strong and healthy you, cell by cell. You must use good materials to sustain your cells in optimum health.

Spare no expense in acquiring the best quality spices from the best sources in the world and store them properly for maximum freshness. Research your suppliers to guarantee yourself a high quality, fresh, pure product.

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