Thursday, April 30, 2020

Corona virus

The coronavirus outbreak has left people around the world wondering whether they should cancel or postpone pending travel plans.

Postponing one of our tours booked via us or thru one of our partners can be done without any extra costs, even when you postpone into 2021 !

If necessary you can postpone your tour(s) more than once, because lock downs and flight regulations can change. 
Please follow up on the (temporarily) restriction rules from your governments and local authorities. It is not only about your health but also the health of other people.
People cannot travel for a holiday into France from outside of Europe momentarily. Within France there is also a travel ban which will last at least to May 11  2020.
The situation after May 11 is described under here. If you need an explanation or translation mail us!

If you’re one of the many people feeling anxious about an upcoming trip, remember that while your decision to stay or go should always prioritise safety, that decision should be based on facts instead of fear.
Stay safe and healthy !
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