Thursday, February 20, 2014

Americans in Alsace - dive into history

This Friday we have an appointment with Americans in Alsace, which I am excited about. This is a club my husband joined for me, that will allow me to connect with other Americans living in this region.

As an American from California I knew a bit about wine before my arrival on this side of France. The good news is my palate has changed! I've learned to appreciate white wines a lot more. Chardonnay, which seemed to be the only white wine available at times, has taken a much needed back seat to Riesling, for me for sure. Also, my most profound moment in tasting wine in California was my first Gewurztraminer, which I first tasted somewhere around Napa, California.

Now since one year in Alsace I have tasted many, and though it still ranks as a high, I find I like a nice balanced Pinot Gris even more most of the time, but not always.

We will be visiting le Cave Historique des Hopital Civil in Strasbourg. This Hospital has a cave underground dating back to,,,wait for it,,,1395. Yeah I wrote 1395. 500 years!

Here we will have a 2 hour tour with 3 wine tastings! Of course my husband has been here before but it will be a first time for me, and I am much looking forward to this! Location is:  1 Place de l'Hopital, 67000.

Anyway, I am much looking forward to Friday, as it will be an action packed day!I will have my notebook and camera ready.
I wish you would join us, the more the merrier as the adventure continues.

Cheers from Terry!

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