Monday, February 3, 2014

The Amish in Alsace - Saint Marie aux Mines

Apart from wine the Alsace has many other things to offer. This time we want to tell you something about minerals & gems and ... about patchwork.

Not far from Kaysersberg lies Saint Marie aux Mines. As the name suggests there are mines here. But there is also something else. Saint Marie aux Mines is the craddle of the Amish.
On our city tours we will visit this interesting city and sites.

The Protestant Reformation began by Martin Luther, 16th century, started a lot of radical changes in Europe. During the 17th century, Anabaptist, coming from Switzerland moved into the Alsace region in France. One such man was Jacob Amann, the founder of the Amish.
Out of the Anabaptist community the first Amish settled in Sainte Marie in Alsace

In addition to being excellent farmers, the Amish also produced excellent gems and minerals from the Sainte Marie aux Mines. To this day the Saint Marie aux Mines still produce fantastic gems and minerals. There is an international show which will be held the 26-29 of June 2014 titled the 51th International Gem and Mineral Exhibition.

In addition to gems, Sainte Marie is also famous for its fabric production and patchwork. An international patchwork show will be held 18-21 of September 2014 for the 14th annual international event. ( Patchwork is the term used for quilting.)

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