Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pinot Noir in Alsace

Alsace Pinot Noir comes in different intensities of “red”.
It used to be vinified like white wines in Alsace but more and more also now like a “real” red wine as in for example Burgundy.

Fresh fruity for the Rosé, aromas of cherries for the traditional Pinot Noir.

Character, spicy, full and intense red fruit for the Pinot Noir Rouge d'Alsace.

Pinot Noir rosé and Pinot Noir Tradition selection are served fresh, they will accompany perfectly your summer buffets, pizzas, salads and plate of assorted cooked meats.
Pinot Noir Rouge d'Alsace aged in oak has a character much more intense.
It will be drink at the room temperature, serve by dishes of red meat (beef, lamb ...),
game, plate of assorted cooked meats and cheeses as comté.
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