Thursday, July 27, 2017

Returning customers and new friendships, what more do you want?

For many of our foreign customers visiting France and then for example Alsace or Burgundy, is a trip they do not make every year. And if people from far away like: Asia, Australia, Canada or the United States visit Europe more often, they mostly want to see other areas. So although we do over 120 tours per year, we almost always see new faces.
By the way, customers living in the USA can now re-order the wines they have tasted, bought and shipped the first time via our JS-USA-Wine Club. Not paying the french sales tax of 20% subsidizes the shipping costs.

Still people DO come back to us. To visit another region in France or to go to Tuscany for example. Luckily we also see people again that want to tour with us in the same area. Probably because of the area itself, the landscape and often the food and last but not least the wines. And ... we are proud to say that sometimes even "we" are the reason. We have made some great friends over the years!

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