Thursday, April 4, 2013

Alsace Muscat

Unlike for example the Italian Moscato, Muscat Alsace style produces a dry white wine.

It’s bouquet of fresh grapes gives the delicious impression of eating fresh grapes.
Unlike the Sylvaner, the Muscat is a delicate grape which does not give a successful harvest all the time.

We can drink Muscat d'Alsace with asparagus, vegetarian dishes and it is an excellent aperitif.

A food pairing with Muscat is not so easy. For some dishes it is too fruity. For other dishes it lacks acidity, sugar and/or power. But as already stated the pairing with soft complex taste of asparagus is wonderful. And as a 'stand alone' the fresh grapes smell and flavour, make it a wonderful aperitif.

There are many great Muscats to be found in Alsace. Some of them really dry and some rounder fuller and a touch sweeter.

It is spring 2013. Soon we will have our first aspergus dinner. How about you ?
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